Welcome on a shortcut English version about Czechoslovak fortification

     These pages are made by view of women´s eyes, so there are not a lot of technical items here.
     domů - home
     proč - why I like our fortification - I´m proud of Czechoslovak history, of our craving for freedom. There was                no aggression, there was only defence. Great heart and skills of our grandfathers.
     insi + uni - insignia plus uniforms
     raritky - curiosities
     USO - USO some German observation objects in Třinec /North Moravia/
     mapy - maps now line of defence Dolní Lutyně - Nová Ves /North Moravia/ only
     akce - when, where, what about Czech fortification, e.g. Cihelna - great meeting, open all
                museums and monuments in Králíky area /East Bohemia/ 20. - 22. august 2004
     putování - wandering along fortification
     knihovna - library
     odkazy - references for the best of websites /by my opinion/
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